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About Us

ProviCo Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest supplier of milk replacers and its flagship ProfeLAC brand is sold nationwide. ProviCo is known for its range of innovative products that deliver health and performance benefits for growing and production animals.

One of the key drivers behind ProviCo products is the company’s commitment to research, development and innovation. The adoption of cutting edge technology and researched ingredients together deliver exceptional products for rearing healthy, quality infant animals as well as driving performance in production animals.

The expression of these technologies in the field has generated unprecedented producer and reseller demand for ProviCo brands, thereby cementing ProviCo’s position as the GOLD STANDARD for infant animal products and nutritional solutions for production animals.

ProviCo has agency agreements with selected local and global companies to offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective, world class products to meet the nutritional, digestive and health needs of infant, grower and mature livestock.

ProviCo brands include:

  • ProfeHERD
  • ProfeLAC
  • ProfeSTART
Brands distributed by ProviCo include:

  • BioStart
  • FortiMILK
  • VetreSTART

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