Isotonic Energy and Electrolyte Supplement

  • Balanced isotonic formulation
  • Supplies energy and restores lost electrolytes and fluids
  • Zero bicarbonate – does not interfere with milk clotting
  • Coloured - to distinguish from fresh drinking water
  • Vitamin C – natural antioxidant

A balanced mixture of glucose and electrolytes is critical to maintaining the osmotic balance of young animals. CALFCARE ELECTROLYTE is an isotonic energy and electrolyte supplement for calves, lambs, kids, crias and foals.

When mixed as directed, CALFCARE ELECTROLYTE replaces lost electrolytes and fluids in young animals. To be fed as a supplement in between normal milk/milk-replacer feeds.

Oral electrolyte supplements should only be used for young infant animals that can stand and suckle.

If the animal displays weak reflexes or refuses to drink, seek immediate Veterinary advice and feed a VetreSTART electrolyte formulation.