3310 ProfeSTART Electrolyte Supplement 10kg (1)

Isotonic Energy and Electrolyte Supplement

ProfeSTART ELECTROLYTE POWDER is a non-antibiotic isotonic energy and electrolyte supplement for calves, foals, lambs, kids, crias, piglets, dogs and cats.

Suitable as a first feed for brought-in or stressed calves, lambs and pigs, and as a supplement for racing animals.

Features – Benefits:

  • Formulated on veterinary research
  • Quicker response and turnaround observed
  • Zero bicarbonate formulation – does not interfere with milk clotting in milk-fed animals
  • Suitable for multiple species
  • Exceptional value for money

Best Results:

As a supportive measure during times of disease, stress, ill-thrift and gastric upset add FortiMILK GREEN to all electrolyte feeds.


  • 2kg, 4kg, 10kg and 20kg Pails

Manage Calf Scours in 3 Easy Steps:

This holistic program lists three steps to replace loss fluids, restore gut health and kills disease causing pathogens:

Step 1: Replace Loss Fluids with ProfeSTART ELECTROLYTE
Step 2: Restore Gut Health with FortiMILK GREEN
Step 3: Kill Disease Causing Pathogens with ViralFX

For more information download the full program Manage Calf Scours In 3 Easy Steps.

If the animal displays weak reflexes or refuses to drink, seek immediate Veterinary advice and feed a VetreSTART electrolyte formulation.