Micro-encapsulated, Time-released, Bovine Host-specific, Live Multi-strain Microbials

  • Gel inoculates gut immediately
  • Four key beneficial bacteria
  • Micro-encapsulated, time-released into gut
  • Live yeast supports gut health and development

A proprietary blend of microencapsulated “live” host specific bacteria, and live yeast culture, that combine synergistically to aid digestion.

Calves are born with a sterile intestinal tract. It takes one week to fully populate the gut lining in a healthy calf which is the calf’s first line of defence against disease. Performance Direct Fed Microbial GEL introduces four key bacteria – all natural calf strains.

Cows under stress or off-feed will benefit from an inoculation of live yeast and beneficial bacteria to aid digestion and stimulate gut function. Most beneficial times to use are around feed changes, transportation, calving and as part of an induction program into feedlots.

Registered for use in cattle – safe to use in other ruminants.