DFM Powder

Micro-encapsulated, Time-released, Bovine Host-specific, Live Multi-strains plus Digestive Enzymes

  • Live yeast supports healthy rumen function
  • Digestive enzymes improve feed digestion efficiency
  • Host-specific, live probiotics maintains microbial balance
  • All in one Direct Fed Microbial package to support a healthy digestive system
  • Highly palatable

Used in lead feed and high grain feed programs, Performance Direct Fed Microbials is an aid to digestion that can assist in most problems associated with an unbalanced rumen.

Performance Direct Fed Microbials is a proprietary blend of micro-encapsulated “live” host specific bacteria, fibre digestive enzymes and live yeast culture, that combine synergistically to increase feed (grain and pasture) utilisation and help control the PH of the rumen.

Performance Direct Fed Microbials will provide marked improvements in the utilisation of the structural carbohydrate in pasture, and as a result, allow you to get the most value out of your cheapest form of feed – pasture.