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DELTASEC is the ultra-absorbent bedding conditioner available on the Australian market.

Its unique formulation is more absorbent than other desiccants and up to 10 times more absorbent than lime.

  • Natural product = non-irritant to animals and humans
  • OH&S friendly = safe to use for workers [non-caustic, non-irritant & chemical free]
  • Removes moisture = creates a difficult environment for pathogens to thrive
  • Reduces ammonia = lowers the common trigger for pneumonia
  • Contains Citronella = aids odour and fly control


For best results implement a holsitic approach to biosecurity in animal housing and bedding that includes the use of:

STEP 1: ViralFX

The broad spectrum virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal disinfectant and cleaner.


The ultra-absorbent bedding conditioner that keeps bedding dry (removes moisture and stops pathogens), reduces ammonia, and aids odour and fly control.

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