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BioStart CALF

The level of rennet activity that causes the milk to clot (curd) in the newborn calf is highly variable. Weak curd formation is frequently seen in young calves and can be corrected by the addition of rennet to milk.

BioStart CALF is a concentrated rennet enzyme additive which turns colostrum or milk into a firm curd in the abomasum – the critical phase of casein digestion. This slows the milk’s passage through the digestive tract which aids digestion of all milk nutrients. BioStart CALF ensures milk digestion efficiency from day one.

  • Concentrated rennet enzyme additive
  • Aids milk clot formation in the abomasum
  • Slows milk passage through gut
  • Aids milk digestion efficiency


ProviCo Milk Additive Program:

For best results follow the ProviCo Milk Additive Program.

Day 1: BioStart CALF

Add 5mL/head of BioStart CALF to first colostrum feeds to ensure colostrum curd, improve colostrum digestion and aid release of antibodies for passive immunity transfer.

Day 2 – Weaning: FortiMILK

Add either FortiMILK GOLD, FortiMILK SILVER or FortiMILK SOLUPLEX to whole milk or calf milk replacer to improve Cocci control and growth rates with Bovatec and cover vitamin and mineral requirements.
Alternatively, for a non-medicated program, feed FortiMILK GREEN from Day 2 – Weaning.

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