3100 FortiMILK GOLD 9kg (1)

Premium Whole Milk Additive with Bovatec®

FortiMILK GOLD Whole Milk Additive is a premium, milk-soluble vitamin and organic trace mineral additive with Bovatec and high-dose probiotic for milk fed calves where the presence or risk of calf disease or morbidity is relatively high.

  • Medicated formulation based on global calf research, development and research
  • Tried, tested and proven across AUS/NZ
  • Unsurpassed product quality, performance and support
  • Endorsed by leading professionals and calf specialists

ProviCo Milk Additive Program:

For best results follow the ProviCo Milk Additive Program.

Day 1: BioStart CALF

Add 5mL/head of BioStart CALF to first colostrum feeds to ensure colsotrum curd, improve colostrum digestion and aid release of antibodies for passive immunity transfer.

Day 2 – Weaning: FortiMILK GOLD

Add FortiMILK GOLD to whole milk or calf milk replacer.

Do not feed to dogs or equines.