DFM Premium Feed Premix for Calf Rations

  • Accelerates rumen development
  • Essential vitamins and trace/macro minerals
  • Bovatec for Coccidiosis control and to aid feed efficiency
  • Direct-Fed Microbials aids digestion
  • Improves micronutrient profile of grain feeds

HEALTHY CALF MACRO is a premium feed premix that assists rumen development by providing beneficial bacteria, enzymes and yeast to break down foodstuffs, maintain optimum rumen environment and optimise feed efficiency.

Designed to be added to grain based calf feeds to accelerate rumen development. Reduces risk of grain sickness and provides essential vitamins and minerals. Improves condition of young stock.

Also available with ACCEL – a proprietary blend of nutrients that accelerates villi development to further assist feed utilisation in the rumen and intestine for life time performance.

Do not feed to dogs or equines.