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FortiMILK GREEN is a unique blend of ingredients sourced from nature, designed as a supportive measure to aid health and improve recovery during times of disease, stress, ill-thrift and gastric upsets.

Non-medicated formulation ensures suitability across all species, ages, applications and farming systems. FortiMILK GREEN is designed for use in milk feeds, electrolyte feeds or as an oral drench.

  • Natural formulation based on global research, development and research
  • Tried, tested and proven across AUS
  • Unsurpassed product quality, performance and support
  • Endorsed by leading professionals and specialists

ProviCo Milk Additive Program:

For best results follow the ProviCo Milk Additive Program.

Day 1: BioStart CALF

Add 5mL/head of BioStart CALF to first colostrum feeds to ensure colsotrum curd, improve colostrum digestion and aid release of antibodies for passive immunity transfer.

Day 2 – Weaning: FortiMILK

Add either FortiMILK GOLD, FortiMILK SILVER or FortiMILK SOLUPLEX to whole milk or calf milk replacer to improve Cocci control and growth rates with Bovatec and cover vitamin and mineral requirements.
Alternatively, for a non-medicated program, feed FortiMILK GREEN from Day 2 – Weaning.

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