Premium Sow Milk Replacer

  • Designed for intensive piglet rearing systems
  • Ideal for feeding “At-Risk” piglet
  • Suitable as sow milk replacement or supplementation
  • Easy mixing formula

ProfeLAC PIGLET is formulated for intensive piglet rearing systems to provide “At-Risk” (foster or runt) piglets the start of a lifetime.

ProfeLAC PIGLET has been blended from selected ingredients to offer an easy-to-mix, highly digestible milk feed ideal for rearing piglets, supplementing sows milk and to aid weaning transition.

Easy-mix technology and milk-soluble innovation ensures consistent premium quality and value for money.

For non-commercial rearing systems use ProfeLAC SHEPHERD or ProfeLAC SILVER.

Easy Mix Technology_ProfeLAC PIGLET