Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli

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Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli is a highly palatable, steam flaked grain muesli for optimal rumen development in growing calves.

Features & Benefits:

  • Molasses – ensures rapid acceptance and increases starter intakes
  • Min 20% crude protein (as fed) – optimal growth and development
  • High starch content – accelerates rumen papillae growth
  • Steam-flaked grains – improves digestibility in the developing rumen
  • BioPAK® baby calf premix – aids micro-nutrient consumption, improves gut health and feed conversion efficiency

Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli contains:

  • Molasses (sweetener to aid palatability and intake)
  • Quality grains (steam-flaked maize and barley)
  • Vegetable proteins (canola and steam-flaked lupins)
  • Lucerne chaff (quality, dust-free effective fibre)
  • BioPAK® baby calf premix (includes vitamins, organic trace minerals, buffers, Bovatec® and Actisaf® on a milk powder base to aid consumption)

BioPAK® baby calf premix aids consumption and improves gut health:

  • Milk powder and canola carrier ensures palatability and consumption of essential micro-nutrients
  • OrganoTrace® minerals for improved absorption and body condition
  • Actisaf® live yeast improves growth rates (LeSaffre trial data on file)
  • Rumen buffers to reduce risk of acidosis
  • Bovatec® aids cocci control and improves feed conversion effeciency

Feeding Directions:

  • Introduce Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli from day 2 of life
  • Option 1: Day 2 - 21 to obtain initial acceptance then transition across to preferred calf feed; alternatively
  • Option 2: Day 2 – Weaning


  • 20kg Bags
  • 800kg Bulkabags

Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli is available from leading resellers across VIC, SA, TAS and NSW.


2 day old calves discovering Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli

10 day old calves loving their Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli

Do not feed to dogs or equines.


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Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli