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VetreSTART BOVELYTE Electrolyte Powder is a supportive oral electrolyte solution to replace electrolytes, aid in the reversal of dehydration and supplement both energy and vitamin needs in calves, kids and lambs.

Dehydration in calves can arise through heat and transport stress or as a consequence of gastric disturbance such as scours. Replacing lost fluids and balanced electrolytes quickly is critical for recovery.

Formulated from veterinary research, VetreSTART BOVELYTE is a strong alkalizing (bicarbonate based) electrolyte that rapidly reverses dehydration and is effective in the treatment of mild or severe (acidotic) scours. Also contains a vitamin tonic to aid recovery.

  • Formulated from veterinary research
  • Contains bicarbonate – MLA type-2 electrolyte solution
  • Effective for mild or severe scours
  • Rapid oral rehydration therapy
  • With added vitamins to aid appetite

Manufactured exclusively for veterinarian requirements.

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