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Energy and Mineral Supplement for Cattle

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  • Stimulates appetite in cows off feed
  • Provides rapid energy source for ketotic cows
  • Ensures positive DCAD balance post-calving
  • Supplies essential Ca and Mg minerals for downer cows
  • Live yeast supports healthy rumen function

Cattle – an aid in rehydration, acid-base balance, volume replacement and inappetance.

This product contains rapidly available sources of energy, readily available potassium and yeast to help restore appetite in freshly calved and “at risk” cows including those with previous history of hypocalcaemia or ketosis or LDAs; twin-bearing cows; and very high producing cows – to assist cows prone to slow adaptation to early-lactation diet.

Developed exclusively for Veterinarians by Cows-R-Us. To be used under veterinary supervision and administered with a high-volume  displacement pump.

Sponsored by Cows R Us Pty Ltd.

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