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VetreSTART CRU – PICK-UP Drench is a premium energy and mineral supplement using specific nutritional ingredients to support treatment of inappetance in cattle following calving or at other times.

VetreSTART CRU – PICK-UP Drench has been primarily designed for use as a drench in freshly calved and inappetant cows as an aid in rehydration, acid base balance, volume replacement and restoring appetite.

  • Stimulates appetite in cows off feed
  • Provides rapid energy source for ketotic cows
  • Ensures positive DCAD balance post-calving
  • Supplies essential Ca and Mg minerals for downer cows
  • Live yeast supports healthy rumen function

This product contains rapidly available sources of energy, readily available potassium and yeast to help restore appetite in freshly calved and “at risk” cows including those with previous history of hypocalcaemia or ketosis or LDAs; twin-bearing cows; and very high producing cows – to assist cows prone to slow adaptation to early-lactation diet.

10 reasons to give VetreSTART CRU – PICK-UP Drench to freshly calved and inappetant cows:


  • Drenching acts to reverse dehydration.
  • It provides 140g of calcium as proprionate.
  • It provides 9.8g of magnesium, giving further protection against hypocalcaemia and milk fever.
  • It provides 95g of potassium, which stimulates appetite and provides a positive DCAD balance after calving .
  • Calcium propionate reduces plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate and non-esterified-fatty-acid (NEFA) concentration after calving, so reducing the risk of post-calving diseases.
  • It provides a powerful live yeast which has a stabilizing effect on rumen function.
  • In trials, treatment with calcium propionate reduced metritis.
  • Treatment with a formulated drench also reduced the incidence of left displacement of the abomasum.
  • This drench can be used instead of calcium boluses to provide calcium, and provide glucogenic propionate, magnesium and yeast with no extra work.
  • More milk.


Developed exclusively for Veterinarians by Cows-R-Us. To be used under veterinary supervision and administered with a high-volume  displacement pump.

Sponsored by Cows R Us Pty Ltd.

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