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VetreSTART Enteric-AID

VetreSTART Enteric-AID is a premium additive using specific nutritional ingredients designed by nature and extracted by science.

Primarily designed to maintain appetite and support recovery in sick calves. Safe and suitable supplement for pre-ruminant animals and foals.

Enteric-AID contains BioPAK®-VP a proprietary blend of: host-specific probiotics, specific yeast strains, yeast cell wall components nucleotides, gut acidifiers, natural osmolytes and antioxidants.

  • Stimulates appetite in young animals off feed
  • High-dose live probiotics maintains microbial balance
  • Live yeast and yeast cell wall components to aid gut health
  • Nucleotides to support cell recovery
  • Natural acidifiers, osmolyte and antioxidant

A nutritional supplement that can be used to complement veterinary treatment.

Manufactured exclusively for veterinarian requirements.

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