5302 VetreLYTE-ZB 2kg (1)

Zero Bicarb Oral Electrolyte Soluble Powder

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VetreSTART VetreLYTE-ZB is a hypertonic energy and electrolyte supplement for calves, lambs, kids, crias and foals.

VetreLYTE-ZB is a balanced mixture of glucose and electrolytes – critical to maintaining the osmotic balance of young animals.

When mixed as directed, VetreLYTE-ZB replaces lost electrolytes and fluids in young animals. To be fed as a supplement in between milk/milk replacer feeds.

  • Formulated from veterinary research
  • Balanced hypertonic formulation
  • Supplies energy and restores lost electrolytes and fluids
  • Zero bicarbonate formulation – MLA type-1&2 electrolyte product
  • Contains vitamin tonic

Manufactured exclusively for veterinarian requirements.