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ViralFX Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

ViralFX is the disinfectant of choice for Government’s keen to secure their farm animal and border Biosecurity.

Its unique formulation gives the widest proven spectrum of activity of any disinfectant available.

  • OH&S friendly = non-toxic to animals and humans
  • 1 shot bio-disinfection = kills 500 pathogens:                     400 bacteria and 100 viruses
  • Australian made
  • APVMA approval number: 65691/51590


For best results implement a holsitic approach to biosecurity in animal housing and bedding that includes the use of:

STEP 1: ViralFX

The broad spectrum virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal disinfectant and cleaner.


The ultra-absorbent bedding conditioner that keeps bedding dry (removes moisture and stops pathogens), reduces ammonia, and aids odour and fly control.

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