We are passionate about sustainability, both in manufacturing and on the farm

 That’s why we’re continuing to stay active in the circular economy with our new division, ProviCo Sustainability. We’ll continue to work closely with the Australian agriculture and food industry, as well as with local farming communities and companies, to help minimise waste and by-products.

Innovative Products

ProviCo Sustainability represents innovative products such as VRM Biologik’s sustainable fertiliser alternatives. These products are essential in helping to drive higher farm yield and profitability.

Waste Harvesting Programs

The ProviCo Sustainability division also includes our waste harvesting programs, which are focused on achieving environmental sustainability and fertility in local Australian farming communities. We’ll continue to work with research bodies to develop and expand our product range too. What’s more, our ProviCo Sustainability team will remain committed to growing our existing manufacturing operations, employing and supporting local Australian people and farming families.

ProviCo is active in engaging in renewable energy sources with solar power decreasing our carbon footprint.