HEALTHY CALF PLUS, HEALTHY HERD & FIRE UP – Holloddon Holsteins – Testimonial

Which of our products are you using and how are you using them in your system?

HEALTHY CALF PLUS All calves receive fresh colostrum for the first 48 hours. For the next 8 weeks, they are fed 2.5L of fresh milk, am and pm mixed with HEALTHY CALF PLUS. Calves have access to cereal hay and pellets throughout. At 8 weeks, the milk is gradually reduced until weaning at 10 weeks. Calves are then turned out onto pasture and quality hay. Access to pellets will continue for another 2 months.

HEALTHY HERD The milking herd receives a mix of crushed wheat and canola meal in the dairy. Ration will vary from 6kg up to 10kg per day depending on stage of lactation and pasture quality. HEALTHY HERD pellets are included in the ration via an additive dispenser.

FIRE UP Dry cows are separated and introduced to the lead feed diet approximately 2-3 weeks prior to expected calving date. The lead feed includes 3kg per cow of crushed wheat and canola meal, mixed with FIRE UP. Springers also have access to ad-lib cereal hay.