Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

About Us

ProviCo Group was established in 1999 as Australian Dairy Goods and remains proudly Australian owned and operates as an integrated dairy company.

ProviCo (Protein Vitamin Company) manufactures functional dairy ingredients & specialised dairy nutrition products that are supplied into the domestic and international markets.

Established Partnerships & Strategically Located Manufacturing

ProviCo’s groups success is driven by established partnerships and strategically located manufacturing and distribution assets.

Our highly experienced team in operations, quality and logistics ensure that we exceed our customers expectations.

Active Participant In The Circular Economy

The ProviCo group has a diversified portfolio of milk powders and retail brands, established in B2B and B2C markets.

ProviCo’s portfolio includes; application based milk powders, wet blended milk powders, instant full cream milk powder fortified, buttermilk powder, skim milk powder instant and fortified, instant fat filled milk powder, growing up milk powders, coffee creamer powder and liquid skim milk concentrate.

ProviCo Group is an active participant in the circular economy with a focus on sustainability, alternative fertilisers and renewable energy alternatives.